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 Nov. 2008 Lecture summary: "Hotspot-ridge interaction in and around Iceland". (Professor Godfrey Fitton, University of Edinburgh.) 

N.E.G.S. Field trip, Lectures & Chairman's reports for 2000-2002

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Introduction to the geological History of Northern England

Ordovician & Silurian times Pt1 

Ordovician & Silurian times Pt2 

Ordovician & Silurian times Pt3 

Devonian times

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Influence of Glaciation on the North York Moors

"Fire and Ice." July 13th 2008 field trip handout can be viewed and downloaded here.  (Contains photographs)


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Howick Shore section (Northumberland) Field Trip.

 Notes on the Sandsend coast & Whitby Museum

Staithes & Port Mulgrave geology

North Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur Footprints

Building stones of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


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