Dinosaur Footprints on the North Yorkshire Coast


Map of part of the North Yorkshire coast showing localities of dinosaur footprints. (From Geol.Assoc. Guide No. 34 "The Yorkshire Coast")


Foot prints on a fallen block, Burniston
Cast of a tridactyl (three toed) print is clearly visible in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. From a fallen block of sandstone in Burniston Bay which is between Cloughton Wyke and Scalby Bay.

Members of the Yorkshire Geological Society examining a cliff ledge at Cromer point at the north end of Scalby Bay. Disturbed sediments are believed to be due to many dinosaur footprints; "dinoturbation".


Another footprint from foreshore near Cowlam Hole, Scalby Bay.

Prints (especially centre left) which appear to be in mudstone on the underside of  a fallen block of sandstone resting on the Dogger Formation between Whitby and Saltwick Bay. The prints are infilled with sandstone. The prints may be interpreted as "scratch marks" made by a swimming dinosaur.

Broad tridactyl footprints on foreshore sandstone, north of Cowlam Hole in Scalby Bay. To aid visibility, the footprints have been outlined with chalk. 


Footprints on a fallen block of Middle Jurassic sandstone from the  foreshore in the Ravenscar area.


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