The North Eastern Geological Society.

Below is a list of web sites which are of geological interest.
Please inform the web editor if the website address has changed or no longer exists.

Natural History Society of Northumbria: Some of the Society's lectures and field meetings deal with topics related to the Earth Sciences

Tees Valley RIGS Branch.  (email). A group affiliated to UK RIGS. Its purpose is to designate Regionally Important Geological/geomorphological Sites within the former County of Cleveland, (originally forming the northern part of the county of North Yorkshire and the southern part of the county of Durham.) Designating the sites hopes to ensure their preservation for the specialist, the amateur and the geneal public. Information about the sites is given. It is also developing freely downloadable "geotrails".  

Maps of the UK, 1:50,000 AND 1:25,000: Memory Map        

Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough A museum based in North East England with an extensive collection of rocks, minerals and fossils.

Cumberland Geological Society

Westmorland Geological Society (Westmorland was a former county, now part of Cumbria)

 Craven & Pendle Geological Society

Open University Geological Society

 Yorkshire Geological Society

British Geological Survey (BGS)

Geologists' Association

Geological Society of London

Palaeontological Association

Durham University Department of Geology

Edinburgh Geological Society


Hull Geological Society


Leeds Geological Association


Manchester Geological Association


Midweek Geology Group


Huddersfield Geology Group


North East Yorkshire Geology Trust


Dinosaur Coast Project

Northern GeoSupplies Ltd.

The Vasculum

Gentle Geology