A Guided Tour of the the Geology and Scenery of Northern England.

Geological time is divided into periods spanning 4,600 million years. Each period is given a name. The names are usually associated either with an area where the rocks are well exposed, e.g. Devonian - Devon, or with the type of rocks that are found, e.g. Carboniferous means coal-bearing.

Our tour of Northern England geology will commence with the oldest rocks in the region and end with the youngest. The evolution of the rocks within each geological period and localities where they can be examined will be described.


Ordovician (510-439Ma.) and Silurian (439-408Ma.)

Devonian (408-362Ma.)

Carboniferous (362-296Ma.)

Permian (296-245Ma.) & Triassic (245-208Ma.)

Jurassic (208-145Ma.) For those wishing to spend some time on the Yorkshire coast,  details of a recommended Bed & Breakfast in Whitby can be found at www.riftswood.co.uk Walkers, cyclists and geologists are especially welcome. (Use back arrow key to return to this page).

Cretaceous (145-65Ma.)

        collectively known as the Tertiary sub-era (65- 2.6Ma.)

Holocene or Recent (0.01-0Ma.)
        collectively known as the Quaternary (2.6- 0Ma.)

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