The North Eastern Geological Society.

The society was formed in 1971 by a number of people who had attended Durham University and WEA Adult Education classes on various aspects of geology and landscape, and who wished to pursue their interests beyond the class programmes.

The aims of the N.E.G.S. are to broaden the knowledge and interests of its members in any of the aspects of geology - rocks, minerals, fossils and conservation.

The N.E.G.S. is affiliated to the Geologists' Association, therefore members may attend meetings of other societies affiliated to the G.A.

Most members of N.E.G.S. are amateur geologists, men and women from many walks of life, from students to senior citizens There are a number of professional geologists from industrial and academic backgrounds.

The society welcomes as members anyone who shares the above mentioned aims; no formal knowledge is necessary, just interest and enthusiasm.


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