Photographs of "Sunderlands Secret Geology" led by Andy Lane. Sep. 17th. 2011

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Cross bedded desert sand dunes, Field House Farm

Fault in the Raisby Formation at Houghton Hillside Cemetery. 

Road repairs on A690 probably due to Houghton Hillside Cemetery Fault movement.

Hendon Promenade: looking south towards Salterfen Headland. Top 2/3rds of distant cliff consists of Devensian outwash sand deposits, i.e. c.250 million year gap between the Permian Magnesian Limestone below and quaternary deposits above.

Concretionary Limestone Formation, (part of the Upper Magnesian Limestone).  "Cannonball limestones" at Hendon Promenade.

From cliffs at Hendon Promenade. Rocks have undergone recrystallisation.

Under bridge, Hendon Promenade. Many of the bricks show remarkable crystal structures.

Some of the remarkable crystal structures as seen in the brick work under the bridge.

Section of cliff, Hendon foreshore, displaying collapse breccias due to underlying solution of evaporite layers.

Concretions as seen in cliff at Hendon Promenade. Concretionary Limestone Formation, (part of the Upper Magnesian Limestone).

Top of one of the Tunstall Hills formed from the north-south trending barrier reef in the Ford Formation.

Looking southerly at the tree covered valley of Houghton Hope. Interpreted as a west to east overflow channel from Lake Wear.

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