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Great Limestone at the waterfall, Nenthead, Cumbria
Conspicuous brown weathering marks the extent of ankerite-rich metasomatism in the limestone close to Carr’s Vein. Although almost completely altered to ankerite-rich rock, original features such as bedding are clearly preserved. The steel walkway is the tourist exit from Carr’s Mine.
(photo: Brian Young)

The Famous Norber Erratics at Norber Brow, Yorkshire Dales
Silurian Austwick Formation sandstone boulders resting on Carboniferous limestone.
Note how erosion of the underlying limestone since the last ice age has left some of the blocks on limestone pedestals.
(photo: Gordon Liddle)

Roulston Scar and Hood Hill

Photo taken from nearby Sutton Bank Visitors Centre, North Yorkshire. Roulston Scar, the cliff on the left, and Hood Hill to the right, separated by a former glacial drainage channel, are both capped with Upper Jurassic limestones, viz. the Lower Calcareous Grit. The flat plain in the distance consists of boulder clay underlain by Triassic mudstones and siltstones.
(photo: John Waring)

March 2015 Newsletter: please read
(includes reports on the YGS/NEGS meeting "Mud, Glorious Mudstone" and an intriguing article by Dr. Andy Lane on Sunderland's geological heritage as illustrated by its old walls.)

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Next Event9th May Northumberland Coast Carboniferous: Howick and Boulmer. Leader Derek Teasdale (more details later (cf. Field trips)

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OUGS Geology Symposium 2015: PANGAEA: LIFE & TIMES ON A SUPERCONTINENT: A celebration of Britain’s unique marine Permian strata.July 17th-19th 2015

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"Plates vs. Plumes". A Geological Controversy. Professor Gillian Foulger, N.E.G.S. University Liaison Officer and  winter Lecture Programme Organiser.

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University of York: Postgraduate Diploma in The Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England: starts Sep. 2015, 2 years, part time, wholly online.

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