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Conspicuous brown weathering marks the extent of ankerite-rich metasomatism in the limestone close to Carr’s Vein. Although almost completely altered to ankerite-rich rock, original features such as bedding are clearly preserved. The steel walkway is the tourist exit from Carr’s Mine.
(photo: Brian Young)

The Famous Norber Erratics

Norber Brow.
Silurian Austwick Formation sandstone boulders resting on Carboniferous limestone.
Note how erosion of the underlying limestone since the last ice age has left some of the blocks on limestone pedestals.
(photo: Gordon Liddle)


January 2015 Newsletter: please read
(Among other items it contains a report on "Chinese dinosaur embryos,", an article about William "strata" Smith and a mystery photograph!)

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Next Event:16th January, 2015 Dr John Nudds Manchester University Chinese Dinosaur Embryos
Full report (illustrated) by Gordon Liddle is in the January 2015 Newsletter.
Lectures are held at 7:30 pm in the Arthur Holmes lecture theatre, Science Laboratories site, South Rd., University of Durham. 

Stop Press!
There will be a joint meeting with the Yorkshire Geology Society.
Title: “Mud, glorious mudstone”
Date and Time Saturday 31st January 2015: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham.
Organisers: John Knight (YGS) and Howard Armstrong (Earth Sciences, University of Durham.
Click here for speakers and lecture abstracts which are on the YGS website.
Special note: In the event of actual or forecast severe weather please check the latest position on the YGS website:

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Two important documents regarding GeoconservationUK (also known as RIGS)
1. A Press release regarding the Charter

2. The Charter itself

Annual Herdman Symposium Saturday 21st February 2015

Oxford Colloquium Saturday March 7th 2015

"Plates vs. Plumes". A Geological Controversy. Professor Gillian Foulger, N.E.G.S. University Liaison Officer and  winter Lecture Programme Organiser.

A  downloadable poster to promote the Society.

Tees Valley Geoconservation (RIGS) Group

Lecture: "Solid-state convection in Earth’s deep interior and the origin of volcanic islands." Prof. Gillian Foulger

More thinsections from rocks donated by N.E.G.S. members: added 23rd. April 2014

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